Dental Implants

Dental implants are a cosmetic dentistry option designed to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are implanted into the jaw, having the look and feel of natural teeth.
Types of Dental Implants
Listed below are several types of dental implants:
Root-form implant – the most common type of dental implant; also known as an endosseous or endosteal implant because the implant is placed in the bone. Root-form implants are made of titanium and are similar in appearance to screws, nails, or cones.
Sub-periosteal implant – commonly used in patients who do not have enough bone in the jaw to support a root-form implant. Sub-periosteal implants are placed over the jaw, rather than in it.
Plate-form implant – this type of implant is a rectangle of metal with either one or two metal prongs on one side. Plate – form implants are placed vertically in the jaw so that the prongs stick up into the mouth and provide a place for the artificial tooth to be placed.
Ramus-frame implant – commonly used in patients with a thin lower jawbone, ramus-frame implants are placed in the jaw – at the back of the mouth and near the chin. Dentures are then made to fit on the thin metal bar that is visible above the gum tissue, once it heals.
Transosseous implant – used only in the lower jaw. Transosseous implants are bolted onto the jawbone and extend along the entire lower jaw. This type of implant is rarely used.